monosyllabic rhymes disyllabic rhymes multisyllabic rhymes cat/hat Monosyllabic rhyme- a rhyme with just one syllable. My cat/hi hat Disyllabic rhyme- a rhyme with two syllables. Bit my cat/ hit the hi-hat multisyllabic a rhyme with multiple ( more than two syllables. ) 11 14 14 11 10 11 12 9 13 12 12 12 12 […]

There was no way of wrapping it pretty or pretending otherwise, Rafa was dying. His eyes were sucked into his socket and his eye bags were darker than the night sky. Every time he breathed in he was lucky if he didn’t cough, and his hair, don’t get me started on his hair It used […]

He was born with water in the brain which means he has hydrocephalic. he threw a book at Mr.p beacause he found his mums name in a book. Armold feels like a part time Indian. Arnold tells his parents that he wants to go to a white school and his parents accepted his choice. His […]

7. My name is junior. 4. Hey Arnold he said. 2.who has the most hope? Version 1: 2. Who has the most hope? I asked mom and dad looked at each other. In this version i am going o write about why white people have more than Indians, why white people look at junior as […]

  His loved ones passed away ┬áHe’s poor Hes the only Indian in Reardan. His community at wellpinit don’t like him. Doesn’t have things compared to white people. He has more problems like white people.         The absolutely true diary of a part time Indian is a story about a boy named […]

i agree with the work because the class agreed about it. Rowdy’s relationship with junior is different to Gordy’s relationship to junior because rowdy only wanted to share secrets with each other and help him if junior had a fight but Gordy’s helping him with his education and wants to be freinds with him. I […]

racism in the book from the classroom descrininated by society the way he talks racism in education i think two is the most important towards junior because he wants to get freinds but by not talkin to them but get frends by education junior is experiencing institutional racism.